We provide what is widely accepted as the safest and most proficient piercing service in South Australia. Everything from the jewellery we use - genuine implant grade titanium at minimum – to  the sterilisation processes and everything in between such as the needles we use and single use sterile markers is state of the art and the technology is at the forefront of the body piercing industry.


We do serious work but don’t take ourselves (too) seriously.


Here at Happy Stabber, we endevour not only to sling that "OH SO TASTY" bling your way, we seek to create a genuine enriching experience. For some that's our caring demeanour that helps with reminding us of our bodily autonomy. For others it can be vibes we keep rolling. As they say, Laughter is the best medicine and happiness is the key.


All of the jewellery we stock is premium quality, mirror polished and genuine implant grade or otherwise made from a hypoallergenic material. We stock jewellery from the best manufacturers in the world and can source anything you could want.

everything from heavy gauge titanium body jewellery for the daring to solid precious metals with luxurious rare gemstones for the glamourous. We also have a complete custom jewellery service produced locally.

Some of the brands we stock


We take the utmost care in our work. We choose only the best manufactures that have the highest quality jewellery on the market and are constantly looking for better ways to perform piercings. Despite this, we understand life happens while we all make plans therefore it is our oath to all our piercees to guarantee our work.


This means if something goes wrong with your piercing, even if it was your fault we will be there to help you and if it ever got to the point that it needed to be pierced again, we would do it for free.


We also guarantee all the jewellery we sell, if there are any manufacturing faults in the jewellery (loses a gem or came out the factory cross-threaded etc. & wasn't subject to tampering) we will replace it completely free of charge.


By visiting our studio you are placing a great deal of trust in us and our products. We do not take that lightly and will always be on your team.