At Happy Stabber we take pride in creating a safe and positive experience while maintaining a professional environment for children's ear piercing aged from 5 years and older.


Your child's health and safety are our top priorities. We maintain a safe and sterile environment to minimize any risks by ensuring we use only the highest quality, Certified-Genuine-Implant-Grade Titanium or Solid 14kt Gold Jewellery and abide by APP (Association of Professional Piercers) Industry workspace standards, including sterilized single-use needles – Never with piercing guns.
This ensures a far less-painful experience while giving your child's piercing the best possible chance at healing.


Your child will be accompanied by 1 of our senior staff members of 10+ years experience. For young children we offer a Double Operator service with 2 piercers who perform the piercings simultaneously, at no additional cost.


For every child’s safety, we require 3 forms of valid Photo Identification for proof of *parenthood/ guardianship.

1. The parent's photo ID (Driver's License, Passport or Proof of Age card).
2. A Medicare card or Health Care Card with both the parent and child's names present.
3. The child's Birth Certificate, Passport or Student ID Card.


**If your situation varies (Step parent, child of the state, student visa, other guardianship, etc) please call the store and speak with a staff member prior to booking an appointment.


Please ensure you bring the following as outlined above to your appointment time, without these documents we will not be able to proceed with your piercing appointment and this may result in rescheduling your appointment or loss of deposit. Photo ID is a requirement by South Australian law.


A certificate of bravery will be presented to your child upon ear piercing completion :)