Studio Policies


Although it is legal to perform non-intimate piercings on people above 16 years of age, we believe it is much more responsible to have an 18+ policy for all piercing services unless there is parental consent given. We will not perform anything intimate on minors under any circumstances.


If you require parental consent and are unsure if they will provide it, we invite you to bring them in to talk. We are more than happy to provide them with all the information about piercing available and put their mind at ease.


We provide a safe environment for lobe piercings on children and take care of their needs and comfort during the process. That being said, our studio is quite small and ask that unless your child is being pierced that they do not enter the studio.


We do not have a minimum age limit on lobe piercings with parental consent but require that they are able to understand the process and understand that it is permanent. If they do not seem ready to deal with the process we reserve the right to refuse the piercing. We are here to create safe and positive experiences and if they are not prepared for the process, can have a traumatic experience.

Food and Drink

We allow drink bottles and tidy snacks (protein bars and such) into the studio but under no circumstance is food or drink to be taken into the procedural room. Furthermore we do not allow hot food into the studio at all.