Studio Policies

Appointments  vs  Walk-ins

All bookings incur a $15 booking fee, this fee is non refundable and will be removed from the total cost of your service on the day.

Do not arrive late to your appointment, late appointments will be subject to rescheduling and potential loss of booking deposit.


walk-in's are always welcome, and we will try to fit you in if we have time available. However, to avoid disappointment we do encourage booking an appointment or calling the studio prior to coming in.

Numbing cream

Please refrain from using any topical numbing agents on the piercing site prior to getting pierced as this will hinder the first stage of healing which can lead to developing a range of problems.


We understand you might be nervous about the pain of getting pierced but we do a lot of things to make the process as easy as possible. Feel free to call us or swing by to discuss you piercing with us anytime during trading hours.


We have an 18+ policy for all piercing services unless there is parent or legal guardian consent given. 


We require ID from the piercee, their parent and a linking document that shows proof of parenthood/guardianship.


We provide a safe environment for lobe piercings on children and take care of their needs and comfort during the process. That being said, our studio is quite small and ask that unless your child is being pierced that they do not enter the studio.


We have a minimum age limit  of 5 on lobe piercings with parental consent but require that they are able to understand the process and understand that it is permanent. If they do not seem ready to deal with the process we reserve the right to refuse the piercing. We are here to create safe and positive experiences and if they are not prepared for the process, can have a traumatic experience.

Pregnant or Brestfeeding

We do not pierce anybody who is pregnant or breastfeeding due to health & hazard reasons.

The body’s immune system undergoes serious changes during pregnancy. These changes have a negative effect on healing, and may even prevent piercings received shortly before becoming pregnant from finishing healing. 


There is also a slight but important risk that if you experience a complication, such as an infection, that your pregnancy or fetus would be negatively affected. While the chances are slim, it’s just not worth the risk, and no reputable professional would knowingly offer you services while you are with child.


We suggest waiting at least 3 months post childbirth to allow your body to recover from pregnancy / childbirth and to allow your immune system to return to normal.
For nipple piercings, you should wait a following 3 months after the cessation of breast milk production.


Food and Drink

We allow drink bottles and tidy snacks (protein bars and such) into the studio but under no circumstance is food or drink to be taken into the procedural room. Furthermore we do not allow hot food into the studio at all.